“Health-Based Ventilation Guidelines for Europe”

Project website:

Program Type: Health Programme 2008-2013

Project details: The project developed health-based ventilation guidelines for non- industrial buildings in Europe (offices, homes, schools, nursery, homes and day- care centres).

They reconcile health and energy impacts by protecting people staying in these buildings against risk factors, and at the same time taking into account the need for using energy rationally and the need for more energy efficient buildings.

The objectives of the guidelines are:

(1) target on demonstrated adverse health effects of inadequate indoor air quality and provide tangible health benefits for the building occupants and European populations;

(2) help avoid investment and energy cost of ventilation systems and rates which are not supported by evidence of health, productivity and welfare benefits; and

(3)integrate and optimize with the other EU policies that are relevant for healthy indoor air, namely source control (CPD, REACH), urban ambient air quality management (CAFÉ), energy using product (EuP) and low energy buildings (EPBD).

Funding agency: European Commission- Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC)


“Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe”

Project website:

Program Type: FP7

Project details: The SINPHONIE project (Schools Indoor Pollution and Health:

Observatory Network in Europe) is a complex research project covering the areas of health, environment, transport and climate change and aimed at improving air quality in schools and kindergartens.

The project is implemented under a European Commission service contract (DG Sanco, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate).

Thirty-eight environment and health institutions from 25 countries are participating in the SINPHONIE research project in order to implement Regional Priority Goal III (RPG3) of the Childrenís Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE), which is to prevent and reduce respiratory disease due to outdoor and indoor air pollution.

The SINPHONIE project is an example of the practical implementation of the EU Environment and Health Action Plan.

Funding agency: European Commission Health and Consumers DG SANCO