TEENERGY Schools “High Energy Efficiency Schools in Mediterranean Area”

Project website:http://teenergy.commpla.com/

Program Type: MED

Project details: TEENERGY High Energy Efficiency Schools in Mediterranean Area, MED, (Contract no.: 1G-MED08-477), 2009-2011, (1.306.000 EUR). The general objective was to promote energy efficiency in existing secondary school buildings developing a common Strategy based on the 3 typical climatic and architectural models that characterize the MED area: coastal, mountainous and urban. The specific objectives were:

  •  To create a transnational network among partners, other Public Authorities, Universities or technical bodies and schools, involving students in the educational dimension of TEENERGY
  • To experiment benchmark activities for comparing buildings energy performances and defining a common Action Plan, for retrofitting as well as for new constructions
  • To implement a Concept Design action based on technological solutions for passive cooling, natural lighting and ventilation, integrating the use of renewable energies-also trough the organization of 3 international Workshops in Cyprus, Spain and Italy and one Campus Week in Greece
  •  To promote synergies with private operators and leader companies in this field, in order to foster technological innovation and new economic sectors
  •  To diffuse and capitalize the results with the aim of increasing the awareness on energy saving practices and standards and –in medium- long term – integrating and improving the policies at MED level.

Funding agency: European Commission


Posted on

2 March 2016