“Students Achieving Valuable Energy-Savings”

Project website:

Program Type: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

Project details: SAVES is an inter-dormitory energy-saving campaign that will be run in 484 dormitories at 19 Universities housing 25,157 students in five countries over the academic years 2014/15 and 2015/16 (50,314 students in total over 2 years). Main objectives are:

1) Save quantifiable amounts energy in student dormitories through energy-saving behaviours,

2) Create a network of student champions in dormitories across five EU countries,

3) Develop pro- environmental behaviours and energy-saving habits by students in higher education,

4) Develop a self-funding model that expands within existing partner countries and to new EU member states after grant funding ceases.

Funding agency: European Commission


Posted on

4 March 2016