Integrated Energy Design in Public Buildings

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Program Type: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

Project details: The INTEND project was aimed at promoting the adoption of Integrated Energy Design (IED) in Europe. IED is a design process taking energy demand into account from the very beginning and throughout the whole design process. It is based on the well-proven observation that changes and improvements in the design process that can dramatically reduce the energy demand are relatively easy to make at the beginning of the process, but become increasingly difficult and disruptive as the process unfolds.

Using IED allows thus to reach levels of energy performance well above conventionally designed buildings and current EPBD requirements. The main objective of this project was to demonstrate that outstanding results regarding energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and indoor climate can be achieved if architects, engineers, building owners and investors adopt together an Integrated Energy Design approach. Guidelines, an Internet database, literature and the study of at least 12 building projects were part of the project’s work plan.

Funding agency: European Commission IEE


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23 March 2016