“Master and Post Graduate education and training in multi- disciplinary teams”

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Program Type: Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

Project details: To achieve implementation of the EPBD and beyond it is necessary to design optimal energy efficient buildings through an integrated multidisciplinary design approach. Currently, architects and engineers don’t often work together in such teams. This leads to inefficient solutions and higher costs of construction.

IDES-EDU aimed in educating, training and delivering specialists for the building sector, via:

1) Improved curricula and training programs,

2) Exchange between students and professionals,

3) Certification and accreditation of the courses at national level, as well as frameworks for European certification

4) A multimedia teaching portal to make the educational packages available to graduate students and building professionals in Europe at large and, finally,

5) Widespread promotion of the approach. In IDES-EDU, 15 universities across Europe fulfilled this need by developing curricula and training programmes within a European framework. It was elaborated and implemented in collaboration with accrediting bodies and relevant key actors and stakeholders from the building sector. Additional EU MS were addressed in this action by the university exchange programme involving >60 universities.

Funding agency: European Commission


Posted on

4 March 2016