“Harmonizing Air Conditioning Inspection and Audit Procedures in the EU Tertiary Building Sector”

Project website: http://harmonac.info/ or http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/architecture/research-projects/harmonac/

Program Type: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

Project details: harmonAC addresses the practical issues arising from the need for regular inspections of air-conditioning systems of over 12kW cooling capacity as required by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

This requirement will put a significant resource and cost burden on the EU Member States, which could potentially lead to poor implementation of the Directive if the links between the costs and benefits are not fully demonstrated.

The primary aim of the harmonAC project is therefore to provide by November 2010 a robust source of information on the energy and carbon savings to be made from various aspects of the A/C inspection process, together with the time required and the relative costs.

The project will provide details of the energy performance of installed AC systems from around the EU, the details coming from nearly 600 inspections and 40 Case Studies with accompanying energy consumption measurements.

Outputs from the project will highlight the most common problems and Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO) noted during these inspections, along with the range of energy savings achieved from rectifying the problems and implementing the ECOs.

The project will also provide guidance on the frequency of inspection required to achieve various levels of energy savings in various system types and sizes. This will enable Member States to make informed decisions about the required scope and likely impact of the inspection procedures to be implemented in their country.

Funding agency: European Commission


Posted on

4 March 2016