Promotion of cool roofs in the EU

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Program Type: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

Project details: A cool roof is a roofing system that is characterised by high solar reflectance and high infrared emittance and delivers cooling energy and financial savings, improved thermal comfort conditions, mitigates heat islands and reduces air pollution. The proposed action aims to create and implement an Action Plan to promote cool roofs technology in EU.

The specific objectives are: to support policy development by transferring experience and improving understanding of the actual and potential contributions by cool roofs to heating and cooling consumption in the EU; to remove market barriers and simplify the procedures for cool roofs integration in construction and building’s stock; to change the behaviour of decision-makers and stakeholders so to improve acceptability of the cool roofs; to disseminate and promote the development of innovative legislation, codes, permits and standards, including application procedures, construction and planning permits concerning cool roofs. The work will be developed in four axes, technical, market, policy and end-users.

Funding agency: European Commission IEE


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23 March 2016