An integrated smart indoor – outdoor web based Energy Management System for University Campuses.

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Program Type: NSRF

Project details: the aim of the CAMP-IT project was to develop, test and validate an integrated and holistic indoor – outdoor Web based Energy management System for Campuses.

This major objective was pursued via a number of multifaceted actions and S&T Objectives:

(a) Advance the state of the art in modeling of buildings and outdoor spaces by creating a modeling procedure and a holistic methodology.

(b) Advance the state of the art in expert systems and control algorithms for energy load prediction and shaping in small communities by developing an efficient, robust and rapidly-adapting real-time expert system capable of providing optimal – or nearly optimal – demand balance, while maintaining users’ safety and health and, most importantly, complying with end-users comfort-related commands and requests.

(c) Advance the state-of-the-art in user-interaction, sensoring and interfacing by either employing wireless technologies or using the existing IP infrastructure and connectivity of Campuses to ensure interoperability, expandability, flexibility and easiness of installation.

(d) Integrate the above-mentioned systems and designs in order to come up with a fully functional system capable of providing efficient, robust, safe and user-acceptable conditions on Campus level.

(e) Application and validation of the developed system in TUC Campus during their ordinary operation. The Campus buildings selected cover a wide range of different building designs and operations, self-generating components, automatically and manually-controlled energy-influencing elements and environmental conditions.

(f) Evaluation of the impact of the CAMP-IT system with emphasis on its effect in significantly contributing towards the easy and cost/energy-efficient deployment and operation of an Advanced Campus Web Based Energy Management, as well as the user-friendliness and user-acceptance of the CAMP-IT concept.

Funding agency: Operational Programme «Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship» (OPCE ΙΙ), ROP Macedonia-Thrace, ROP Crete &Aegean Islands, ROP Thessaly- Sterea Ellada- Epirus,ROP Attica


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4 March 2016