1996 Invited keynote Lecture On Energy in the Built Environment, Conference  on Energy and Buildings, Yugoslavia
1997 Invited keynote Lectures on Energy and Outdoor Climate in the Urban Environment, National Bioclimatic Conference of Brazil, University of Bahia-Salvador, Brazil.
1998 Invited keynote Lecture on New Strategies for Cooling of Buildings, IACAR Conference,  Rome, Italy.
1999 Invited keynote Lecture on Climatology of Cities and Energy Consumption, International Workshop on Urban Environment, Organised by the Austrian Center for Culture and Science in London.
2000 Invited keynote Lecture on Energy in the Built Environment, International Conference on Solar Energy in Buildings, Switzerland

Invited keynote Lecture “The City as Habitat – New Urban Visions” International Conference Metropolis 2000, Athens.

2001  Invited keynote Lecture on Urban Climate, International Workshop of the IHDP World Program, Bonn, Germany.
2002 Invited keynote Lecture on Energy in the Urban Built Environment, European Conference of the International Solar Energy Society, Bologna, Italy.

Invited keynote Lecture ‘Comment Ameliorer le Comfort d’ ete dans les Batiments Urbaines’, Congres AICVF, Lyon, France.

Invited keynote Lecture ‘Energy and Environmental Sustainability of Cities – An oxymoron or a Realistic Perspective?’ International Conference Energy Performance Indoor Climate , Lyon.

2003 Invited keynote Lecture on ‘Passive Energy Systems for Buildings’, International Workshop on the Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment, Praque.

Invited keynote Lecture on the Energy Consumption of Buildings, Center for Energy of Andalucia, Spain

Invited keynote Lecture on Energy in the Built Environment to the International Conference of CIB, Hungary.

Invited keynote Lecture on Passive Cooling for Buildings, Conference on Energy Quality of Buildings, Milano Italy

Invited keynote Lecture ‘Sustainable Cities – Realistic Targets for an Utopian Subject’ International Conference on Energy and Buildings, Westerloo, Belgium.

2004 Invited keynote Lecture ‘Renovating Cities Through Renewable Energies’ International Conference Architecture, Cities and Energy, Pablona, Spain.

Ιnvited Lecture on ‘Energy Conservation in Hospitals, International Hospital Conference, Salonica,

Ιnvited Lecture ‘Innovative Technologies for Passive Cooling’, International Workshop on Assessment of Innovative Technologies, Brussels.

2005 Invitation for keynote Lecture on Passive Cooling and Environmental Quality of Buildings. International Conference on the Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Belgrade, Serbia.

Invited keynote Lecture on Energy Efficiency and Ambient Quality of Mediterranean Cities, EUROSOLAR Conference, Rome

Invited Lecture on Energy Rating and Classification of Buildings in Southern Europe, International Conference SD-MED, Athens.

2006 Invitation for a Lecture on Heat Island, International Workshop on Urban Heat Island, Tokyo, Japan.

Invitation  for a keynote Lecture on Passive Cooling, International Conference on Thermal Comfort, Windsor, UK.

Invitation for a keynote Lecture on Energy in the Built Environment – Prospectives for the Mediterranean Area’in the Bioclimatic International Workshop, Pesaro, Italy.

Invitation for a keynote Lecture on Cool Materials to Fight Heat Island in. Solar Cities Conference, Oxford, UK,

Invited keynote lecture on ’ Energy and environmental quality of the Built Environment in Europe’,.. EuroSolar Conference, Glasgow, UK.

Invitation for a Keynote lecture on ’ State of the Art on Alternative Cooling Techniques’, XI National Conference on Technology in the Build Environment , Santa Catharina, Brazil

Invitation for a keynote lecture on ‘Passive Cooling – The State of the Art’  at the International Symposium on  Performance Contracting and Energy Efficient Design in Buildings, Kuala Lumbur, Malaisia.

Invitation for a lecture ‘Energy in Buildings and Citizenship’, at the Seminar on Energy and the Environment,  Porto, Portugal.

Invitation for a keynote lecture on the Environmental Quality of Buildings, Conference on Sustainability and Spatial Project, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.

Invitation for keynote Lecture,  ‘Energy Efficiency and Environmental Quality in the Mediterranean’ στο Ιnternational Conference ‘Mediterranean Cities after Kyoto’ Solar Energy Society, Rome

Invitation for Lecture, Conference on Energy Efficiency, Academy of Athens.

Ιnvitation for a keynote Lecture on  ‘ Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector’, in the EPIC 06 – AIVC conference Lyon

2007 Invitation for Lecture ‘Cool Cities’, UK – India Workshop on Urban Sustainability, Delhi, India.

Invitation for keynote Lecture, 6th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, Chile.

Ιnvitation for Lecture, Conference Energy and Ecological Performance of Buildings, Rome.

Invitation for keynote Lecture. International Conference Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Buildings, Belgrade.

Invited lecture, International Workshop ‘Analysis and Design of Urban Climate’, Tohuku University Sendai Japan

2008 Invitation for Lecture, AIVC Conference, Kyoto, Japan

Invitation for keynote Lecture, EUROISES Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

Invitation for a keynote lecture at the Solar Summit Conference, Freiburg, Germany.

Invitation for a keynote Lecture, SET Conference Seoul, Korea

Invitation for a keynote lecture, International Energy Conference Shenzen, China

Invitation for a keynote Lecture, CIBARQ 2008 Conference, Pablona, Spain

Invitation for a Lecture, World Renewables Energy Congress, Glasgow, UK

Invitation for a Lecture : Workshop ‘Heat Island Mitigation Techniques’, San Fransisco, US.

2009 Invitation for Lecture, 3rd International Workshop Natural Ventilation, Tokyo, Japan

Invitation for keynote Lecture in conference on Advances in Computational Tools for Engineering Applications (ACTEA’09), Faculty of Engineering at Notre Dame University, Lebanon.

2010 Invited Lecture international conference “NextBuilding – Advances in next generation building technologies & design”, Verona ItalyInvited Lecture European Conference on Energy Effciiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning. San Sebastian, Spain


Invited Lecture to the International Workshop Εnergy for Smart Cities, Cascais, Portugal.Invited Lecture to the 48th “Energy refurbishement of existing buildings – which solutions for an integrated system: envelope, plant, control”, September 22nd and 23rd, 2011, Baveno, Lake Maggiore

Invited Lecture for a Keynote speaking slot at the Local Renewables Freiburg 2011 Conference – Green Buildings and Renewable Energy: The Way forward in Urban Development.

2012  Invited Lecture to the Climate Summit in Perugia, Italy.Invited Lecture to the EWACC2012-Building Bridges Conference, Cyprus.Invited keynote Lecture to the Annual Israel Green Building Council (ILGBC) Conference, Israel.
2013 Invited  Lecture to the CIBSE Seminar on Natural Ventilation, London.

Invited keynote Lecture at PLEA Conference, Munchen, Germany

Invited keynote Lecture Energy Efficiency Conference, Belgrade

Invited Lecture at PLEA Conference, Munchen, Germany

Invited Lecture at the Energy Conference, Cyprus

2014  Invitation for Lecture World Sustainable Building Conference World SB14 BarcelonaInvitation for keynote Lecture, Disertification Conference, Israel
2015 Invitation for keynote Lecture at the ASME-ATI-UIT 2015 Conference, Napoli

Invitation for keynote lecture to the Conference of Sustainable Energy Technologies, Nottigham, UK

Invitation for Lecture, Ciriaf Conference, Perugia, Italy.

Invitation for Keynote Lecture to the International conference on: Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development, UPADSD 14- 16 October, Salento University- Lecce,Italy

Invitation for Keynote Lecture to the 3rd International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IEEE Conference) that will take place in Marrakech, Morocco in 10-13th of December.

Invitation for Keynote Lecture, AIVC Conference, Madrid, Spain

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